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Stolen Heart
He stole my heart and used it for his own selfish reasons.
I began on my journey to get it back.
It was long and ended in failure.
The day I woke from that failure was the day that I faded away.
I guess it doesn't matter, though.
I saw him again, my best friend.
I also saw her again, my other best friend.
So I suppose it's all fine...since both parts of me are happy.
:iconanimer334:animer334 0 0
Black River
Tree petals fall with practiced ease around me in hurried waves. Another wind blows and they carry on even faster. It's taunting me to pull my coat tighter, so I oblidge.
Fall. One word that means too many things. An action of a person or nation. A time of the year. It's like a name. Someone can look at it any way they want and always think they're right about the interpertation...even if they're told wrong.
Fingers brush me from all around in curious strokes, as if the wind itself is questioning why I'm here. If only, I laugh, if only it knew.
A few long strides more pull me to the edge of the bridge. I wonder briefly and hope beyond hope that what they say is true and they will start listening. Not for me, not for them, but for those like me. They deserve it.
I hold onto the outer rails and lean down. The unforgiving river is looking back at me with cold indifference. Hello there. I muse.
I look back and add with a smirk. And goodbye.
The fall was brief. The splash
:iconanimer334:animer334 1 5
Present day recollections
It was a fine day, really. Rather normal was what it could be called. Just a fine afternoon with clear skies that shone brightly as the hopes of my nation. The only thing that was even remotely different was the fact that Arthur, my old man, had come to visit that day. It had been a bit since he had visited me last-still sore over the whole revolution thing-and I had wanted to make sure not to piss him off. Of course, I could always upset him at least a little. I mean, come on, he's just too easy to get flustered! Right, uh, focus. It really was just a normal day for everyone around me…but nobody knew what was going on yet. I guess that's one of the perks of being a nation, right? Knowing the time right before your own people, your own kids, decide to tear your insides up…
July 21, 1861
"Excuse me, Mister Kirkland is here for lunch, as requested, sir." He was a business type, one with light, curly hair and an already hardened expre
:iconanimer334:animer334 3 3
More than a cold chapter 13
-----Mustang house----
"Daddy, ice cream!" Ruth demanded in a chirping voice. "Not right now, daddy's busy and we're about to go see Eddie and Al again." Riza intervened before the little girl could do much damage on her husband's already sour mood. "Buh-buh-but daddy said we could get some yesterday and then everybody fell asleep…" She replied as a comeback, one coupled with big, teary eyes that pleaded for what she wanted. "No buts, Ruth, you know the rules." Riza held her ground as the strong parent she was. "O-okay…" The feeble reply was met with a pitiful pout as she walked away in defeat. "Is everything ready, Riza?" Mustang's deep voice bounced off the walls of the house and sounded clear even though he was a few rooms away. "I just have to make sure that the kids are ready and then we'll be ready." "So another thirty minutes at least?" "Yes sir, I assume so." A low sigh barely made its way to the other room. "I have to teach these kids the military way." "Good luck wi
:iconanimer334:animer334 7 34
To want to do
To hope to do
To have time to do
How are these things possessed when the will, itself, is not?
Thoughts, languages, words, rhymes are all lost to the day
Sleep, why not
Daydream, go ahead
Surely the most important thing is to be satisfied.
When it is time to push
Sure it's fine
But to think or doing it in advance is horrible
Why learn what is not needed for the class or life?
It's all useless, after all.
:iconanimer334:animer334 0 0




So since I have more time now, I'm planning on showing up here more. Now this might not happen for good, but I'm going to try-especially since I want to work on my art more and get opinions on it. So for next day or so, feel free to send me some suggestions for things to draw (nothing complicated please) and there's a good chance I'll draw it and if I do, I'll upload it for sure to get some more activity flowing into this account. Thanks for reading and for your patience.


Also, if you're one of the people waiting on the fma fanfic to be updated...well, I'm not too sure its going to happen. I do want to finish it, but I'm not too sure how its going to work out, so please hold on for a bit more.


animer334 has started a donation pool!
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I'm just wanting to be able to get one-eventually all-of the paint packs on Deviant art muro. So, if you are kind enough to donate, then I will give you something in return. What you want, you may send me a note to clarify or just leave a comment on my page. If you don't do either, I'll hunt you down and ask you myself. Oh, and all donations come with a llama.
Thank you for your help~! :3

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I'm a self-taught artist just trying to get a bit better and learn how hands work.


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